Which leggings can give you confidence

It seems like leggings are everywhere ,they came back, and they stayed back. I admit, I was skeptical at first, but I've come to embrace leggings, styled properly and worn in the proper situation. I recently received a reader request asking for some ideas on how to wear the leggings / tall boots look, so I put together a few pointers!
The most essential factor is the leggings themselves. You want them to fit tightly, though not circulation-stifling. Conversely, avoid pairs that are too loose; it's not going to look good if they're slouching on your legs.
Fabric is also important! If you can see your skin through the leggings, then you should think of them as tights. And tights are not pants! I cannot stress this enough when purchasing leggings, try them on, or at least put your hand inside the fabric so you can determine the thickness of the weave. Many cotton leggings are thick enough, but you can also look for leggings in wool, and, if you want to feel really luxurious, cashmere.
Once you've settled on leggings, it's time to style the rest of your outfit. Keep your tops long and somewhat loose; leggings and tanks or crop tops are for the gym only! If you pair them with a longer tee, add a scarf, sweater or jacket to keep the look from becoming too sloppy.
Leggings work well for layering, pair them with a dress that would otherwise be scandalously too short for a look that is lesson in style, not anatomy.
A flat or low-heeled tall boot is perfect paired with leggings, it offers some coverage on the leg and helps balance out proportions. Ankle boots of varied heights can work, too, just make sure the legging is tucked in. I prefer to match the color of my legging to the color of my short boot.
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