A letter to leggings

Oi, lindas!
Esse post se trata de um artigo da Rowme feito especialmente para o Antena Atenada. 

A letter to leggings
I am a common girl. Today I write a blog to show my thanks for the Romwe Women's Union Jack Print Blue Polyester Leggings. I think the leggings give me the many things about my life. Also, my aunt also is my fashion teacher.
At that time, I am not in fashion; I just am a common girl. I wear the white blouse and black trousers. Also the sporting shoes is my necessarily. For many girls, it’s a lamentable thing. I can’t do many things for myself, but they can do. Really, they are more beautiful than me. I am not confident with my body, my figure and so on. After that, eating is my only interesting thing.
The results also can be imagined. I am becoming fatter and fatter. I am a fatty, many people say like that. I am afraid of leaving my house to see a stranger. I am a coward girl. 
One year past, my mother hold a party for letting me makes new friends at my birthday. But I think I make my mother disappointed. At that day, I stay with my young aunt. My aunt is a young lady who is 10 years older than me. She plays games with me in the computer. And also she says much to me what I can’t listen. I know she also says like my mother. At last, she gives me a birthday gift, and she goes home. I get Romwe Women's Union Jack Print Blue Polyester Leggings from this, I know Romwe from my aunt. I can’t wait to wearing the leggings the next day. 
Do you know what the leggings attract me? I can tell you that I can’t see such leggings in my life. I think the leggings are special. Suddenly, I feel that I can have a good look with the Romwe Women’s Union Jack Print Blue Polyester Leggings. 
I can’t believe that I can change from the leggings, but I do the thing like that. Until now, I think the leggings are the key of my unconfident curse! 


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  1. Simplesmente adoro pra usar com blusoes, fica tudo! hahahahahah

    beijos e sucesso!


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